Clare Shanley Executive Director 80th Street Residence NY

Executive Director since 2006

A Personal Note from the Executive Director

It’s long been said that a company’s success stems from the top. However, I attribute my success to my Employees who inspire me each and every day. I am really blessed to see their compassion, empathy and love when I’m “at work.” Together, we have created a certain “vibe” that people repeatedly comment on. It’s a feeling that people talk about over and over. That’s who we are and who we want to be.

In addition, our families often comment that the atmosphere and culture we have created is so very helpful to them in dealing with the effects of the disease that affects so much more than just the Resident. My heartfelt goal is to be here to listen and help whenever I can. After all, talking things through often helps make the day just a little bit easier.

Warmest Regards,
Clare P. Shanley



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