80th Street Residence
A very unique spot on the Upper East Side – entirely devoted to dementia care - The 80th Street Residence caters to yesterday's Executives, Politicians, Artists, Educators and World Travelers. They are our Husbands, Wives, Mothers, Fathers and Friends, whose lifestyles and love of New York City continue to thrive here at 80th Street.

Our intimate boutique-like Residence is a tribute to the tremendous thought and caring that allowed us to create a place that truly feels like home rather than one that just looks like home. We staff each of our floors around the clock so that there is no need to be concerned for those who tend to be up at night. Our Care Managers are always nearby to check, assist or perhaps even share a nice cup of Chamomile Tea and late night snack with them. And of course, if more of a helping hand is needed at that or any other time, our nurse is always onsite to assist.

All of us look forward to sharing our unique neighborhood gem with you, as we believe it to be the best possible alternative for someone no longer able to live at home. We are ready to help when you are ready to call…


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