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At The 80th Street Residence, we believe Residents are at their happiest and most fulfilled when they are immersed in what matters to them. Our Residents have input in everything they do. Thanks to the rich tapestry of Resident interests brought to us, we are delighted to explore opportunities for continuing education and volunteerism, culinary programs, music therapy, trips to local museums and the opera, a robust fitness program, weekly ballroom dance classes and so much more.

Our talented Recreation Staff includes Nicole Erney, Art Therapist, who offers 1:1 and small group sessions regularly. For our Residents, the benefits of these sessions are numerous as art therapy targets one’s cognitive, emotional, motor and interpersonal skills. When a person begins to lose the ability to communicate and process language, they are at greater risk of isolation and loneliness. Art therapy is a non-pharmacological intervention which fosters social interaction through its use of nonverbal, expressive mediums. Creating a piece of art allows one to transfer a feeling, emotion, or thought from inside, out into the physical world without using words, helping to promote self-esteem and affirm their sense of self.

Art therapy looks different based on each individual or group session.  However, a session’s main focus is on the process of artmaking over the final product. Artmaking allows one to problem solve, explore a material and share a part of themself. At a time when choices are limited in one’s life, being able to actively have control over choices during artmaking is crucial. Art may take on a variety of forms such as painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, poetry, movement, multimedia and more. Each participant has their own process and interests that are acknowledged, listened to and honored.

At The 80th Street Residence we strive to keep our Residents’ autonomy and independence. We understand the importance of the work our Residents create and value it as an extension of themselves. The artwork displayed is a physical representation of our community and allows us to honor and recognize our Residents for their individual talents and expressions.

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